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See and Feel the Difference

CleanBrands offers this FREE Welcome Kit to explore all of the cost-saving benefits of the Zip-N-Click System!"

What's in the Welcome Kit?

  • Product Comparison Sheet
  • Sample Zip-N-Click Closure
  • Fabric swatch for Premium encasement
  • Fabric swatch for Pro encasement
  • Fabric swatch for Simple encasement
  • Price Sheet including MSRP recommendations
  • 3rd Party Zip-N-Click Certification Report

Why Provide CleanRest Encasements to Your Clients?

Superior Stiching

We use 10 to 12 stiches per inch of polycore thread for superior breaking and tensile strength to prevent seems from pulling apart.

Superior Seams

Our seams are either completely covered with bias binding tape, or we use a double overlap or felled seam to eliminate the possibility of escape.

Superior Longevity

Box spring encasements often tear on the corners due to abrasion from the metal bed frame. All of our encasements come with four oversized felt adhesive pads to protect against wear and tear.

Get Your Free Kit: